Christianity, Judaism and Islam BRILLIANTLY Compared

I believe it is safe to say that religions early on were all pretty brutal.  That said, that was then and now is now.

For sometime now, the only religion still dedicated to killing non-believers is Islam.

Their appears to be no separation between religion and cultural or governmental mandates in Islamic countries.

That is a HUGE difference and is why Islam is impossible to assimilate within a democratic society.

Christianity, Judaism and Islam BRILLIANTLY Compared [MEME]

Christianity, Judaism and Islam BRILLIANTLY Compared

Religions Compared 750

V. Saxena reports the Quilliam Foundation revealed Islamic State militants force kids to play soccer with decapitated heads so as to desensitize them to violence:

Children are repeatedly exposed to violence in Islamic State, and as such desensitised to this violence over time. Not only do training camps ensure the education of children in violent practices, but in public spaces, children as well as adults are routinely exposed to executions.

IS has reportedly encouraged children to participate in public brutality, including holding up decapitated heads or playing football with them.

In addition, Breitbart cited several reports that confirm this bombshell statement.

“In Palestine Street, I saw two members of Daesh playing with a severed head as if it was a football,” a 16-year-old refugee said to reporters last year. (Source)

Two summers ago, militants shared photos on Twitter of themselves playing soccer with decapitated heads. (Source)

According to The Independent, ISIS’s goal is to indoctrinate as many kids as possible and thus create an army of terrorists.

“What we found very interesting was the reasons why this army is being created,” Nikita Malik, a senior researcher at Quilliam, commented to the paper.

“Firstly, children are a completely blank slate and so don’t have the cognitive abilities or the adult decision-making processes, so they can be manipulated because they are vulnerable to do all kinds of things.”

“The families play a key role in doing this as well. Mothers play a key role: they read story books on martyrdom to their children at night. The families are teaching them what is right and wrong. This purity angle is very interesting.”

No, it’s NOT interesting … it’s diabolical and sick, and it needs to stop!


Businesses will always attempt to maximize profits.  That is there job.

Therefore, they will flee governments, local or National, in order to do the job and provide maximum profits.

So when States like California continually add taxes and regulations that severely negatively impact profitability, eventually companies are forced to move to “greener pastures!”

California’s Carl’s Jr. Says So Long, Golden State

Thanks to its high taxes and burdensome regulations, California’s hemorrhage of jobs and businesses won’t end soon

Once a corporate fixture in California, where the company began, Carl's Jr. moved its headquarters to Nashville, Tenn. some say to avoid California's onerous taxes and regulations. (Casey Christie/Zuma Press/Newscom)
Once a corporate fixture in California, where the company began, Carl’s Jr. moved its headquarters to Nashville, Tenn. some say to avoid California’s onerous taxes and regulations. (Casey Christie/Zuma Press/Newscom)

States: To hear Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, you’d think that taxes can go up to 60% or even 80%, and businesses and investors will just … pay up. But the growing number of businesses stampeding out of high tax areas suggest that they’re very wrong.

We got more evidence of that this week when CKE Restaurants, the corporate parent of Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. restaurants, announced that they are relocating to Nashville, Tennessee.

Hardee’s will move its headquarters from St. Louis, Missouri, to Nashville, Tennessee, one of America’s fastest growing states.

Oh, and did we mention that the state has no personal income tax?

Meanwhile, the Carl’s Jr. move puts more egg on the face of California and the political class in Sacramento. Hamburger fast food chain Carl’s Jr. was founded in California and for years has been headquartered in Carpinteria, California. The highest income tax rate in California is 13%, so moving to Tennessee, where the tax rate is zero, will save the company millions of dollars on taxes a year.

Yes, we know that CKE’s official line is that the firm is relocating because it has less need for office space as it consolidates operations. But the company executives say this with a wink. Tax savings are a big factor, as is the stifling regulatory environment on the left coast, where businesses are treated like villains and rich people as cash dispensers for big government programs. It’s not a coincidence that CKE’s CEO Andy Puzder has been one of the leading critics of high taxes and onerous rules in Washington D.C. and Sacramento.

The state legislative group ALEC finds in its latest “Rich States, Poor States” rating of the states on business climate that California ranks 44th of all the states in business competitiveness. California has lost roughly 9,000 companies over the last decade, with most of them moving to Texas, Florida, and Tennessee. Last year, in a major loss, Toyota moved its North American headquarters from the Golden State to North Texas.

Thanks to its high taxes and burdensome regulations, California’s hemorrhage of jobs and businesses won’t end soon.

Burger King recently relocated its headquarters out of the U.S. completely in favor of Canada, where the business tax rate is only about half what it is in America. Dozens of others have left through “inversions” to cut their tax burden.

So, thanks to the federal and state tax codes, American businesses are departing for friendlier shores — taking thousands of high-paying jobs with them.

Given all this, why do Clinton and Sanders keep saying that they are going to get more taxes out of the rich with higher tax rates? California is now going to get 13% of zero from Carl’s Jr., just as the state gets 13% of zero from Toyota. And Washington, D.C., will now get 35% of zero income from Burger King.

Hillary and Bernie say that they stand for the “working folks,” but the victims of their plundering the rich with high tax policies are middle-class families who are losing their jobs in California. To make America great again, one goal should be to make our national policies look more like those of Tennessee and less like those of California.


I am 65 years “young.”  I have watched in horror over my adult years as I continue to watch how pampered and entitled our children have become.

This is NOT the children’s fault but rather the parents.

In parent’s attempt to protect their children, they no longer allow children to do thing for themselves.  The net result is the child never learns the necessary skills to become a responsible adult.

Nothing compares to the satisfaction of completing a difficult task that no one thought you could do.  We are stealing that true confidence building activity when we “protect” or kids from challenging activities.

You cannot build strong individuals unless they have been required to accomplish difficult tasks on there own.

I love science fiction and the Book series “Dune” provides interesting insight into the creation of strong civilizations:

They do so based on the German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche.  He said, “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” In the Dune series, the concept was, “a harsh environment, of necessity, creates strong individuals.”  In a soft culture, individuals never learn the independent discipline and motivation necessary to survive a hostile environment.

It is a common thread of all successful cultures throughout our history, whether we are talking about Rome or the US.  First we had a harsh environment that forced individuals to be self reliant.  As society became more affluent, more individuals had to sacrifice less in order to achieve something.  Until finally, everyone has their hands out looking for something for nothing.

And that is how we got to this…

7 Harsh Realities Of Life Millennials Need To Understand

Submitted by The Libertarian Republic, via The Burning Platform blog,


They may not yet be the present, but they’re certainly the future. These young, uninitiated minds will someday soon become our politicians, doctors, scientists, chefs, television producers, fashion designers, manufacturers, and, one would hope, the new proponents of liberty. But are they ready for it?

Time after time, particularly on college campuses, millennials have proven to be little more than entitled, spoiled, anti-intellectual brats who place far too much emphasis on feelings and nowhere near enough emphasis on critical thinking. To the millennial, words are cause for the creation of safe spaces, alternative ideas must be stifled, and anything they perceive to be a microaggression is enough to send them spiraling into a state of mental distress.

It’s time millennials understood these 7 harsh realities of life so we don’t end up with a generation of gutless adult babies running the show.

1. Your Feelings Are Largely Irrelevant


Seriously, nobody who has already graduated college cares about your feelings. That means that when you complain to your boss because your co-worker mis-gendered you, he’s probably not going to bend over backwards to bandage your wounds. Given feelings are entirely subjective in nature, it’s completely unreasonable to demand everyone tip-toe around you to prevent yours from being hurt. The reality is that people will offend you and hurt your feelings, and they won’t stop to mop up your tears because they shouldn’t have to. Learning to accept criticism, alternative viewpoints, and even outright insults will make you happier in the long run than routinely playing the victim card.

2. You Cannot Be Whatever You Want To Be


This is a comforting lie parents have started telling their children to boost their morale in school. Unfortunately, millennials are now convinced it’s true, especially as society has now decided to push this narrative as well. The reality is if you’re 17 years old and still can’t figure out basic division, you’re not going to be a rocket scientist. If you’re overweight and unattractive, you’re not going to be the quarterback’s prom date. If you lack fine motor skills, you’re not going to be a heart surgeon. It’s okay to accept that you cannot be whatever you want to be. In fact, once you accept this, you’ll be able to focus on the things you can be — the things you really are talented at.

3. Gender Studies Is A Waste Of Money

While some millennials taking useless degrees will claim they’re beneficial for teaching or research positions, the reality is that they just put themselves several thousands dollars in debt to learn how to be a professional victim.

You heard me. While you’re struggling to make ends meet after graduation because nobody who pays more than minimum wage is interested in your qualifications and you’re drowning in student loan debt, be sure to check out the next harsh reality before you start complaining.

4. If You Live In America, You’re Already In The 1%

Even though you work at McDonald’s for minimum wage because you got a useless, outrageously expensive college degree, you’re still far better off than the vast majority of the planet.

That’s right.Don’t believe me? Fly to Uganda and check out the living conditions there. Fly to China, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Iran, Russia, and even European countries like Ukraine and Greece, and you’ll quickly discover just how well-off you really are. While it may be cool these days to dump on capitalism, it’s the only reason you aren’t already worse off.

5. You Don’t Have A Right To It Just Because You Exist

Just because you’re here and breathing doesn’t mean society owes you anything.

That includes healthcare, guaranteed income, and somewhere to live. Like the billions of people who lived before you, working hard is a better guarantor of wealth and the ability to comfortably take care of yourself than begging society or the government to do it for you. Demanding healthcare be a right, for example, is equivalent to demanding government force the taxpayer to pay for it. While that may seem like a good idea in theory, it only leads to rationing of care when costs become unsustainable, which negatively impacts not just your health, but everyone else’s, too.

6. You DO Have The Right To Live As You Please But Not To Demand People Accept It


By contrast, you do have the right to live however you please, so long as it’s within the confines of the law. If you want to cross-dress, smoke marijuana, drink lots of alcohol, have lots of sex, and, yes, even go to school for gender studies, then by all means, go for it. Government should not be allowed to legislate people’s behavior as long as it doesn’t infringe upon someone else’s rights, but that doesn’t mean society isn’t allowed to have an opinion. You don’t have the right to demand people keep their opinions about your lifestyle to themselves, especially if you’re open and public about it. I have as much of a right to comment on the way you live your life as you do to actually live it. Your feelings are not a protected right, but my speech is.

7. The Only Safe Space Is Your Home


No matter where you go in life, someone will be there to offend you. Maybe it’s a joke you overheard on vacation, a spat at the office, or a difference of opinion with someone in line at the grocery store. Inevitably, someone will offend you and your values. If you cannot handle that without losing control of your emotions and reverting back to your “safe space” away from the harmful words of others, then you’re best to just stay put at home. Remember, though: if people in the outside world scare you, people on the internet will downright terrify you. It’s probably best to just accept these harsh realities of life and go out into the world prepared to confront them wherever they may be waiting.

In a truly free market capitalistic world, negative interest rates are an impossibility.

In order to have negative interest rates, the free market must be “controlled.”

Which isn’t exactly a “free market.”

Hillary’s Scary New Cash Tax

Have you heard of “negative interest rates”?

Submitted by Brian Hunt via,

Have you heard of “negative interest rates”?

It’s become a phenomenon with economists and the media.

There’s a good chance you’ve read an article about it. We’ve covered it many times in the Dispatch.

I’m writing to tell you something about negative interest rates you haven’t heard. You certainly won’t hear about it in the mainstream press.

What’s coming at you is a historic event. It’s something our grandchildren will hear stories about…much like the Great Depression or the Cold War.

What’s coming could send the price of gold much higher in the coming years…and hand gold stock owners 500%+ gains.

If you know what’s coming, it could mean the difference between having lots of free cash in retirement or barely getting by.

To understand the gravity of this moment, let’s cover one of the most bizarre ideas in the world…

negative interest rates.

In a normal world, your bank pays you interest on your savings. It takes your money, pools it with other people’s money and loans it out.

The bank makes money by paying out less in interest on your deposit than it earns in interest from borrowers.

For example, it might pay out 3% to depositors while earning 6% from borrowers.

This is how it has worked for decades.

Negative interest rates turn your “normal” bank account upside down.

Negative interest rates could only exist in a crazy world where idiot politicians are in control.

Unfortunately, that’s just what we’re dealing with right now.

Politicians all over the world are ordering banks to charge depositors (you) a fee for storing cash.

It’s a perversion of saving. It’s a perversion of capitalism. It’s a perversion of planning for the future.

And it’s going to result in disaster.

Politicians think that by making it unattractive for you to keep money in the bank, you’ll save less money. Instead, you’ll spend more money on things like smartphones and cars. You’ll invest in things like stocks and real estate.

This would “stimulate” the economy.

This thinking is very, very wrong. No matter what the government does, it can’t force you to spend money. It can’t force you to make investments if you don’t see good opportunities.

Forcing people to pay banks to hold their money is a tax. It is wealth confiscation for the digital age.

The government and the mainstream press won’t dare call it a tax.

But that’s exactly what it is.

A negative interest rate policy is a tax.

Any time you hear a politician, central banker or news anchor say “negative interest rates,” just think “TAX.”


I’ll say it again: negative interest rates are going to result in financial disaster.

The coming disaster will wipe out many people.

But you don’t have to be one them.

I’ll explain how you can sidestep this disaster—and even make a lot of money as a result of it—in a moment.

But let’s quickly cover one more thing about negative interest rates…

The Ugly Twin Sister of Negative Interest Rates

If the government makes it unattractive for you to keep cash in the bank, you can pull cash out of the bank. You can simply store it in a safe or under a mattress.

Politicians know this.

That’s why they’ve created another dangerous policy that works hand-in-glove with negative interest rates.

That policy is banning cash.

You see, if you pull your money out of the banking system and stuff it under the mattress, you aren’t doing what the government wants you to do.

You’re not spending money or investing in stocks.

This is a major reason why governments are banning large cash transactions and large denomination bills.

They are fighting a War on Cash.

In just the past few years…

***Spain banned cash transactions over 2,500 euros.

***Italy banned cash transactions over 1,000 euros.

***France banned cash transactions over 1,000 euros, down from the previous limit of 3,000 euros.

And just a few weeks ago, former U.S. Treasury Secretary Larry Summers called for a ban on the $100 bill!

Historians aren’t surprised by Summers’ idea. Franklin Delano Roosevelt banned $500 and $1,000 bills in the 1930s.

You can bet that Big Government types like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will do the same thing in a financial emergency.

By making it so difficult (or illegal) to buy and sell things with cash, the government wants to force people into the banking system. That way, it can monitor us and coerce us into whatever it wants…like paying outrageous new taxes.

It’s all a dream come true for government central planners.

The governments say these new currency laws are for fighting terrorism, money laundering and drugs.

But the ultimate goal is control of society…and to confiscate the wealth of private citizens.

As former Congressman Ron Paul said, “The cashless society is the IRS’s dream: total knowledge of, and control over, the finances of every single American.”

Whether you agree with these regulations or not, the conclusion is obvious:

By driving us more and more toward trackable digital payments, the government has made it much, much easier to confiscate our wealth.

We’re like sheep that have been “herded” into a corral, ready for shearing.

And Hillary Clinton and her Big Government cronies are holding the clippers.

However, you don’t have to be sheared.

You can avoid the shearing by learning how to navigate what will become the largest underground currency market in history.

Hillary Doesn’t Want Your Gold. She Wants Your Cash.

On April 5, 1933, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt issued one of the most controversial orders in U.S. history.

It went by the name “Executive Order 6102.”

Not one American in 1,000 knows about this order. But to this day, many experts consider it to be one of the most destructive acts in U.S. history.

It violated sacred principles held by our founding fathers. It impoverished millions and confiscated the savings of honest, hardworking Americans.

Executive Order 6102 made it illegal for private citizens to own gold. Citizens were ordered to turn in their gold to the government.

Why would the government confiscate the wealth of private citizens?

You can fill a book on the history surrounding Executive Order 6102. But in a nutshell, it was the act of a desperate government in the midst of a financial crisis.

The government wanted the gold in order to increase the nation’s money supply. It believed an increase in the money supply would revive the struggling economy.

Please review those last two paragraphs…

An increase in the money supply…a struggling economy…a desperate government.

Sound similar to what is happening right now?

Since the answer to that question is “YES,” we have to ask another question…

Could such a confiscation happen again?

As the crisis develops, our deeply indebted government will act like a giant wounded beast, lashing out in all directions. It will grow more desperate for control. It will grow desperate for money.

And just like FDR did in the 1930s, it will confiscate the wealth of private citizens.

But Hillary Clinton (or Donald Trump, or whoever wins the election) won’t go after your gold.

Nowadays, the gold market is very small compared to the overall economy.

Going after gold would be too much work for the government.

The government is going to go after YOUR CASH.

It will regulate your cash. It will tax your cash. It will take your cash.

This has all kinds of implications for banking and the economy.

But here’s the most important thing you need to know as an investor:

Negative interest rates and their partner, the War on Cash, will create a renewed interest in gold.This could cause gold to double or even triple in value.

Even children know what the government is doing is crazy.

And people aren’t going to take this lying down.

Rather than participate in the government’s monetary farce, people will go underground.

They will pull cash out of banks and hoard it in safe places. And they will seek the safety, anonymity and reliability of gold and silver.

Gold and silver have served as money for centuries.

Gold is the ultimate currency because it doesn’t rot or corrode…it is durable…easily divisible…portable…has intrinsic value…is consistent around the world…and it cannot be created from thin air. It cannot be debased by the government.

By enforcing negative interest rates and fighting a War on Cash, the government will create a huge underground currency market.

And the ultimate underground currency will be gold and its sister metal, silver.

Gold is trading for around $1,260 an ounce right now.

As the government blunders into a negative interest rate disaster, gold will likely rise 50%…100%…possibly even 200% higher.

There’s an underground currency market coming to your neighborhood.

If you own enough gold, you’ll be its king.

If you don’t yet own gold, buy it now.

If you own a lot of gold, buy more.


For years I have suggested that only individuals that actually pay Federal income taxes be allowed to vote.   Otherwise, people will merely vote for whichever candidate promises the most free things.

Because nothing is ever really free, and free things from the Government are typically MUCH more expensive than those same products or services provided by the free market (read profit drives efficiency and government does not have that mandate – it is always someone else’s money) it is particularly important that voters be those that will foot the bill!

In Order To Save America, We Must Legally Prevent Oblivious People From Voting

Only Grant Voting Privileges to Tax Payers

If you’re like the majority of Americans, you labor under the faulty and quite ridiculous assumption that everyone should have the right to vote. Even more outrageous, you probably think our nation is somehow benefited when everyone exercises that right.

It should be of some interest that our Founders — you know, the guys who came up with this whole “America” idea — had no such notion in mind. They only gave the vote to landowners, which, of course, had the effect of automatically disenfranchising blacks and women.

Thankfully, over the course of the next century and a half, voting was opened to those groups. But somewhere along the way we got it into our silly little heads that allowing whites, blacks, men and women to vote meant we must allow all whites, blacks, men and women to vote. We rightly did away with race and gender discrimination at the polls, but ran too far in the other direction, erroneously deciding that there ought to be no discrimination of any kind. We declared voting a “sacred right,” and the best way to preserve its sanctity, we determined, is to shake the whole mass of the American electorate out of their drooling stupor for long enough to randomly cast a ballot based on which candidate has the nicest smile or most inspiring campaign slogan.

In those early days of America, when relatively few citizens had a say, we ended up with leaders like George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. In recent times, with voting open to most adults, and with politicians and celebrities and Hollywood galvanizing the barely sentient hordes to intrude upon the electoral process of a nation they know nothing about, we’ve been subjected to a long succession of tyrants and buffoons in the White House and other elected offices. This all culminated in the record number of chumps who flocked to the ballot box in 2008 and settled on an obscure, corrupt, cliche-spewing left-wing radical named Barack Obama. And now many of those same negligent voters have brought us near the precipice of electing the likes of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or Bernie Sanders.

Enough is enough, I say. Not that it matters what I say. As a basically informed voter what I say matters less and less with each election cycle. That’s the whole point, after all. Those in power aim to cancel out the Informed Vote by drowning it in a sea of stupidity and self-interest. They back up their dump trucks and bury the Discerning Minority under a mountain of ignorance and apathy.

To make matters worse, the whole dastardly conspiracy is disguised with righteous platitudes about “civic duty” and “honoring the Constitution.” They encourage half-awake voters to close their eyes and throw a dart in whatever the direction the wind is blowing, and then they hand out “I Voted” stickers and send the semi-cognizant citizens home with an unearned sense of accomplishment.

Civic duty is a real concept, but our first and foremost civic duty is to be informed, aware, invested, contributing members of society. Alas, that duty proves too difficult for some, so they vote every two or four years and figure that’s good enough. But claiming to have done your civic duty by voting in ignorance is like saying you practiced gun safety by getting drunk and playing Russian roulette.

If we wanted to correct the problem, we’d adopt the following three point strategy. I know this plan will never happen, but I’ll flesh out each point anyway, in hopes that perhaps some of the more honest members of the Incompetent Voter Community might decide to abstain from voting for the sake of the common good.

In my dreamland where things are reasonable and laws are written in accordance with common sense, here’s what we’d do to repair our electoral process:

1. Require Every Voter To Take And Pass A Fifth Grade Civics Exam

If you think planes fly because of pixie dust, you don’t belong in the cockpit. If you think chicken can be consumed if it’s cooked medium rare, you don’t belong in the kitchen. If you think the phrase “branches of government” has something to do with arboriculture, you don’t belong in the voting booth. This isn’t a debatable proposition. If you lack even basic, fundamental knowledge about our government, our laws, and the current political scene, you should not be anywhere near a polling station on voting day. A country that cares about preserving itself would in fact take steps to legally enforce this point.

I’m not suggesting every voter should have a degree in American History or Political Science. I’m merely saying every voter should be able to stroll into any fifth grade social studies or history class on exam day and at least escape with a passing grade. I’m saying, as an adult, you shouldn’t be able to walk into an elementary school cafeteria during lunchtime and discover that the discussions of politics and current events are flying over your head.


In other words, you should not be among the majority of American adults who can’t describe the purpose of the Constitution, or identify the Speaker of the House, or name one of the senators from your home state, or name your governor, or give a brief explanation as to the function of the Judicial Branch. And you certainly shouldn’t be one of the ignoramuses who constantly pop up in dumb-guy-on-the-street videos reacting with confusion when asked to name the winner of the War Between the States, or the century of our country’s founding, or which side America fought on during World War II, or who our nation’s capital is named after.

I would suggest a simple 10-question quiz, covering the questions listed above, administered at the polls on voting day, with an exceedingly generous five minute time limit. Answer seven out of 10 correctly and, after showing your photo ID, you can vote. Answer four to six correctly, and your voting privileges will be suspended for a period of two years. Answer zero to three correctly, and you’ll be exiled to an island in the Pacific.

Perhaps that last step is a bridge too far for some, but at a minimum we need to prevent these people from inflicting their willful ignorance on the electoral process. If it’s illegal to drive while drunk, it ought to be illegal to vote while clueless. There is a real moral imperative here. If you honestly have no idea how the government works, I believe you have a moral responsibility to stay home on election day. If we lived in a more rational nation, that moral responsibility would be a matter of law.

Some might worry that such a system would be abused, but I would argue there’s a lot more abuse in a system that allows and encourages people who can’t name the vice president to vote in federal and state elections. Indeed, the entire system is abuse.

2. Abolish Early Voting

We refer to “voting day” but in reality it’s more like “voting week” or “voting month.” It’s apparently too ambitious to expect citizens to get to the polls during a particular 12 hour span, so now we can leisurely saunter in at some point vaguely within the time frame of the election. Instead of 12 hours to vote, we’re given a gaping window of 80 or 100 hours or more.

This is problematic for a few practical reasons, namely that people are voting before the candidates have actually completed campaigning. The Louisiana GOP primary on Saturday was called for Trump about 20 minutes after the polls closed because so many people voted before they opened that day. That means many of them probably voted before Trump’s disastrous Michigan debate. They cast their ballot for him, then turned on the TV to see him bragging about his penis size. Perhaps that wouldn’t have changed their minds, but it’s nonetheless foolish to officially give your vote to a candidate before he’s finished making his pitch.

That aside, why shouldn’t voting be a bit inconvenient? Sure, The Powers That Be would make it as effortless and passive an activity as possible, but that’s because effortless voting ensures the participation of people who aren’t all that interested in doing it. I’m sure if our politicians could, they’d send lackeys to your home to cradle you like an infant and carry you to the polls while they sing lullabies softly in your ear. If the law would permit it, they’d let you vote through text message or an iPhone app. Eventually, if they get their way, you’ll be able to cast your ballot over the phone while you order a pizza, and you’d get free bread sticks as a reward.

“Yes, I’d like a large deep dish with extra pepperoni. Oh, and put me down for Donald Trump. Man, if feels so good to be an involved citizen!”

Mark my words, if we continue on this trajectory, soon you’ll be able to walk out your front door in your pajamas and belch, and there’ll be some kind of satellite in space that picks up the sound and interprets it as a vote. And I’m sure voter turnout will be almost 100 percent! What a win for democracy!

Or maybe a real win for democracy would be a voting system that requires a small smidgen of sacrifice, energy, and effort. Yes, that sort of system would immediately weed out 30 percent of the electorate. That’s the point. Our country would be better off if only the folks willing to make the sacrifice and the effort participated. I’m not saying you should have to ride a donkey into the forest and wade through a swamp and climb a mountain and plunge into a cave and navigate an obstacle course and find the Holy Grail in order to vote — although I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to such a policy – but I am saying, at the very least, voting should require you to carve out a couple hours on one particular day.

Obviously active duty military would be an exception here. Folks who are serving or who have served already made the sacrifice and the effort. If their duties require them to vote early or mail a ballot in or whatever, they’ve earned that right. They’ve earned the right to vote in every sense. The rest of us have not, which is where step three comes in.

3. Only Grant Voting Privileges to Tax Payers

My rights as a taxpayer are severely infringed when those who are not paying into the system get to decide how it allocates my money. This is called taxation without representation and we fought a war over it. A minority of voters can identify that conflict as “the Revolutionary War.” A majority, when asked, identify it is as “oh crap, this is a tough one — they made a Mel Gibson movie about it, right? I know it happened like a while ago probably in like the 1920′s or something. Is it the one with the Nazis and Lincoln? Oh! HUNGER GAMES! Right? No?”

Photo credit: Shutterstock
Photo credit: Shutterstock

It’s been warned for centuries that democracies collapse when voters learn they can vote themselves money and entitlements from the public treasury. It collapses all the faster when the people awarding themselves money have not paid into the treasury to begin with. These are people with no chips on the table. They are permitted to steer the ship without contributing to its maintenance. They are eating from a bounty collected and harvested by their neighbors. They are participating in a variety of other mixed metaphors.

On top of the profound conflict of interest, there’s also a matter of maturity. A college kid who has never worked or paid a bill or lived as an independent adult does not yet possess the experience and comprehension necessary to be granted the power to vote. She has been, up until this point, a taker not a maker. A receiver not a contributor. She has no skin in the game. Indeed, she’s playing with someone else’s skin. Now my analogies are getting creepy, but you get the point.

It’s absurd to think that a 19-year-old college sophomore who lives in a dorm and spends his evenings getting drunk with the booze money his parents gave him has the same voice and the same vote as a grown man with a wife, three kids, a house, two cars, a job, a mortgage, and a PTA membership. These two people are not equal contributors. They are not equal, really, in any practical sense. They are equal only in human worth, but a first grader is also equal in worth and he is not granted the right to vote either. The college sophomore in this scenario is much closer to the first grader than the father or three.

The system is rigged against the informed, the competent, and the contributing. Yet, ironically, it’s the uninformed and the noncontributing who often complain the loudest of being screwed by the system. The reality is precisely the opposite. These people shouldn’t be given any direct influence on the government, but instead they are, when the numbers are added up, granted more influence than the people who do all the physical and mental work in this country. The ignorant and noncontributing folks should be falling over in gratitude.

Or perhaps they shouldn’t be so grateful after all. The only reason they’re involved is because they’re easy to exploit. They may think it works well for them in the short term — what with the perks and the entitlements they’re promised — but in the long run they’re losing their liberty and their dignity just as quickly as the rest of us. For their own good, and for the good of society as a whole, they should be disenfranchised.

I know this will never happen. The tide is moving in the other direction entirely. But if you read this and see yourself — as hard as it may be to admit — among the masses of the uninformed and the noncontributing, I can only hope you’ll choose to do the right thing and ban yourself from the voting booth until you can honestly look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I deserve to have a say.”

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I am not actually a Trump fan.  My reasons are mine but the revolve around the Constitution being the driving force behind what the Federal government does (currently way TOO MUCH) and doesn’t do.

That said, if the press was even close to “fair” it would highlight some of the below 🙂

The “Outrageous” Reasons Donald Trump Will Never Be President

So Un-Presidential…

Americans vote with the intellectual and emotional maturity of 14 year old girls electing the Prom King (apologies to 14 year old girls)

The vapid and vacuous 14 year olds on the left put Obama in Office, the equivalent 14 year olds on the right just might put Trump in office. They are two sides to the same coin, hollow and lacking any substance, just making noises to elicit emotional responses. The entire Dem vs. Repubs circus is merely a distraction for the masses while the deep state carries on. Every now and then the great unwashed masses start to suspect that the game is rigged, so the oligarchs let them pretend there is a third choice. If you support either of the established parties or their candidates then you are just another one the perfect little retarded sheep that TPTB have been breeding for years.

They say that in a democracy you always get the government you deserve. It is more accurate to say that in a democracy everyone gets the government that the fucking moronic “majority de jour” deserves.

Conservative Christians take note:

Karl Rove’s Bisexual Affair Might Have Sparked His Bizarre Rant on Fox News…

Karl Rove is having a bisexual affair with the president of a conservative bloggers’ group, and concern about being outed sparked Rove’s falsehood-filled diatribe last week on Greta Van Susteren’s Fox News program.

Rove’s lover is Ali Akbar, president of the National Bloggers Club, an umbrella group that grew from the activism of the late right-wing publisher and pundit Andrew Breitbart. A left-leaning Web site calledBreitbart Unmasked recently disclosed thatAkbar has a criminal record that includes convictions for credit-card fraud, theft, and burglary.

The stunning allegations about Rove and Akbar are included in a letter sent yesterday from Alabama attorney Dana Jill Simpson to Robert Bauer, counsel for President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. The letter also includes an appeal for a presidential pardon on behalf of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman.

Rove, appearing with Van Susteren on the June 20 edition of On the Record, took a question about the tax-exempt status of certain PACs and turned it into an attack on Simpson, Bauer, and Siegelman–who was the target of perhaps the most notorious political prosecution in U.S. history…


Independent of every other reason the Fed cannot actually raise interest, the fact that the debt is so blown out at over $19 Trillion, increasing the interest rate back to traditional norms (4-5%) would increase the Fed’s interest payment to well beyond what our current federal income tax collections are – all by its self…

Why The Fed Will Never Normalize Rates (In 4 Simple Charts)

Why The Fed Will Never Normalize Rates

h/t @NorthmanTrader

It’s. The. Income. Tax. Stupid.

Christ on a pogo stick, how is it even possible for anyone to not understand that every dime sent in to pay the interest on the debt—which IS what income taxes are for, having been implemented the same year as the Fed—is a bucket of gasoline thrown onto the fire?

But go ahead: Throw some more gasoline on the fire, and then find as many forums as possible to type out complaints about it. Then go throw some more gasoline on the fire, and then go type some more complaints about there being a fire. Then throw…

Yes, it is the Debt but Debt is a symptom only

And this means: That is, the Cause, is a direct results of the chosen Ignorance of the “Economists” – the Banker’s ‘toy-boys’ – serving ONLY their Masters, the Bankers.…

Stupid has become an Institutional Religion and the Economists are its Priests.

Ho hum

It’s just not the Fed either. It’s the whole world.

We all know that Central banking/Central Planning/Central Failing are the same.

They tried their Keynesian debt theory and their hopium bullshit failed.

This is a structural monster, not a lip stick lesbian.

Now they are screaming for more of the same because, “It was not enough” (Krugman), or they simply are afraid they do not have an answer and need a job (all Central bankers).

Nothing will change, interest rates will remain low, debt will pile on until the collapse, when the structure of whole economies will need to be rebuilt and all government debts defaulted on.

Read this truth:…


Socialism does not work.  History provides a litany of examples of how “spending other people’s money” always fails when you run out of other people’s money to spend.  But we don’t even have to go back in history, we can just observe what is happening now, today in several socialist countries…

One Venezuelan’s Angry Rant: Six Stories From A Socialist Apocalypse

Six Stories From A Socialist Apocalypse

Authored by Robert Evans, originally posted at,

We like apocalypse fantasies because a part of us thinks it would be kind of fun. No bills to pay, no job to drag yourself to — life goes back to basics. You don’t watch The Hunger Games and really think about what it would be like to have a toothache or yeast infection you can’t treat. And you certainly don’t think of it as something that can actually occur.

But as we like to point out in these articles, there’s always an apocalypse somewhere. We’re talking about countries in which life was fairly normal a few years ago, until the day when everything fell apart. Today’s example: Venezuela.

Once on the road to becoming an economic powerhouse, Venezuela is now one of the poorest and most dangerous countries on Earth.

We sat down with one citizen to learn what happens when your country’s economy and government just… stop working.

6 – Any Economy Can Suddenly Collapse

Above and below are pictures of our source’s local grocery store in the middle of an average day:
Nothing but Doritos. Worse than nothing at all, really.

Those weren’t taken on the eve of some big national drinking party. Food simply … doesn’t show up anymore. On the rare occasions the stores have stock, people queue up in block-spanning lines that would make Weimar-era Germans wince. All to get their hands on flour, soap, or the almost-mythical Coca-Cola.

They debate sightings like it’s some sugary Bigfoot.

Our source took that picture illegally, by the way. Photos of bread lines, he says, “‘promote discomfort and give a bad name to the country.’ I faced the risk of receiving a ticket or having my camera taken.”

That’s what zoom lenses are for.

This is the part where you think, “Well, that’s what you get under radical socialism. But that could never happen in America!” But until recently, their grocery stores looked the same as yours, except with more accent marks in the product names. Now, Venezuelans are only legally allowed to shop twice a week, and they have to hope they pick a daywhen looters don’t show up. There was no evil commie conspiracy; just a spiral of bad decisions. We’re not saying it’slikely that you’re going to wake up one day and go through the same thing where you live, but it’s not impossible. An economy can be a fragile thing.

Be happy you can order groceries online … for now.

But disaster creates opportunity. One of Venezuela’s few growth industries revolves around helping people with money avoid the worst of the scarcity. Bachaqueros (“voracious insect,” basically, so it’s not a respected gig) buy up as much as they can find, and then resell it on the black market. Our source explains, “A carton of milk sells for one dollar. The bachaqueros sell it for eight to nine. That undermines the economy, because normal people can’t get those products. The minimum wage most people get is not enough.”

Bachaqueros befriend store owners and cashiers to get around fingerprint-enforced purchase limits. Your average Joe can only buy two cartons of milk a week … unless he goes to the bachaqueros, who dodge those rules to stock up. You can also pay bachaqueros to stand in line for you, which sounds like laziness until you discover that a line can stretch for six hours.It’s reached the point where social media is used to discuss toilet paper strategy. “You can ask on Instagram or Twitter. People will find you, and you can buy in bulk. We have 50 rolls on hand, and we stock up every time we can, because we don’t know when there’s going to be a shortage again. The most common alternative is to shower right after going to the bathroom. The smallest denomination of money is used for toilet paper, because it’s worthless.”

We’re fairly sure that wasn’t a figure of speech.

5 – You Suddenly Can’t Leave The House After Dark

Venezuela’s crime rate is out of control, because you’d consider a life of crime too if you had to wait six hours to get sandwich ingredients.

Caracas, the capital, is now deadlier than Baghdad. We told you before how terrifying it is to live there, but life can be just as dangerous outside the city.
Exhibit A: What’s known as a “Venezuela parking ticket.”

That’s our source’s car. While it was parked in front of his house, someone straight-up walked off with his wheels. And of course he can’t replace them, because they’re going through shortages of more than food. It’s everything. “There’s no accountability for the thieves; everyone can do whatever they want. And I cannot go to the police, because the police are either in cahoots [with the criminals] or won’t do anything.”

Don’t ask where they got those wheels.

But at least our source hasn’t been, you know, murdered. So there’s that. After 6 p.m., no one is really safe. You see fewer and fewer people going to the clubs or the cinema, because going outside has been horrible. If you go outside and you don’t have anything [of value, criminals] still kill you. Because you’re worthless. The thieves have seen that even if they use force, they’re hardly ever convicted of crimes. Even the policemen ask to pass through [gang-run areas].”

Why would the police bust their asses to arrest dangerous criminals when their reward would be, at best, a raise or a bonus that they could spend on … nothing? Better to stay on the side of the people who have access to food and toilet paper, even if they’re murdering to get it.

All right, so here’s the question looming over all of this: How does a previously-stable country reach the point where going out after dark is risking death? Was there an invasion that decimated the government and infrastructure? A natural disaster? Did they bet the national treasury on the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl last year? Nope! And in fact, we bet it’s something that you’d never suspect …

4 -Your Cheap Gas Is Their Catastrophe

Hey, remember how like five years ago we were certain that the world was running out of oil and gas prices shot up to $4.00 a gallon?

And have you noticed that you’re paying like $1.75 now (depending on where you live)? That’s because worldwide petroleum prices have collapsed. So that’s good news for working folks with a commute, but

bad news for a country like Venezuela.

“We need a carbon tax, with the proceeds buying milk for Venezuelans!” — a plan that would surely popular with everyone

You probably didn’t know that Venezuela has the most oil of anyone. No, really — they’re sitting on more oil than Saudi Araba, and they have almost as much as Iran and Iraq combined. Three times as much as Russia. So back in the day, it didn’t seem like a terrible idea when Hugo Chavez dumped billions into social programs. Oil prices were high and profits were up, so why not make it rain? Hell, Kuwait regularly gives its citizens cash payouts and free food with their ridiculous oil revenues. Saudi Arabia does it too.

But then oil prices fell, and kept falling, and it came as a complete shock to the Venezuelan government, which had sort of assumed that oil would keep going up in value until it was either exhausted or Earth moved to a Star Trek-like post-currency utopia. “But,” you’re probably thinking, “Why wasn’t everybody filthy rich from the days when our drivers were paying through the nose?” Good question. Part of the answer is that the country was laughably corrupt even when times were good. For years, the government allowed businessmen to siphon away tens of billions of dollars in oil revenue. And so instead of having a safety cushion to keep the country going through some lean years, Venezuela ended up with a patch of cement to splatter against.

The Venezuelan economy.

So the oil money dried up, and all the things you should be able to expect a socialist government to provide — water, electricity, law enforcement — suddenly became either unreliable or nonexistent, forcing people to either turn to expensive private entities or go without. A system that appeared flawed but solid (“Sure there’s corruption, but we’re sitting on an ocean of oil, bitch!”) turned out to be a house of cards. And once things start going bad, well …

3 – Attempts To Fix The Economy Created A Death Spiral

We opened this article with images of empty shelves and Coca-Cola refrigerators. But while standing in line for tampons isn’t much fun, let’s allow our source to make it clear how bad things can get:

“My family [has a lot of doctors]. They have a clinic. You cannot find aspirin, or basic products like stomach pumps and scalpels. The only company that produces synthetic adrenaline left the country because there is strict monetary control. Companies cannot import medical supplies. So you go to any hospital, and you can see people on the floor bleeding and dying because they don’t have enough beds, scalpels, cleaning agents … “

One room has a mop. That’s the best room.

There are references there to things like “monetary control,” and we don’t intend to bore you with a lesson in how an economy works, other than to point out that nobody really understands how a fucking economy works. Remember that the richest and smartest investors in the USA lost billions in the 2008 market crash because they had no idea it was coming.Collapses only make sense in retrospect, and trying to stop one in progress can be like trying to get your tumbling Jenga pieces to land perfectly back in the shape of a tower.

Frantically blowing on falling blocks economic systems works less than 10 percent of the time.

So when things started going to shit, the government decided to grab the wheel and try to get the skid under control. You know how in tough economic times, people in the USA tend to blame foreigners (like those damned Chinese companies stealing our jobs, or those lazy Mexicans stealing our tax dollars)? Well, that happened there, too. The feeling was that Venezuela was getting exploited by all those damned foreign countries. So the government started seizing the assets of foreign companies doing business there. (Or rather, “buying” them for a fraction of their price — Exxon, for example, was made to “sell” $900 million of assets for $250 million.) The government, of course, did not have the slightest idea how to manage what they acquired, and things only got worse. The country’s currency became all but worthless, and the economy collapsed into chaos.

The wealthy quickly started to exchange their local currency (bolivars) for good old Yankee bucks that would hold their value, so the government quickly made that illegal. But then businesses couldn’t import goods, since they couldn’t use dollars and nobody outside Venezuela wanted their worthless currency. And that, friends, is how you get a scarcity crisis in which buying toilet paper is a monthly holiday and hospital patients wind up sleeping on the floor.

Current value places bolivars somewhere between Monopoly money and Chuck E. Cheese tokens.

It’s also how you get a new black market. The most prized item? Those American dollars. “There’s a website, Dollar Today … right now, you can buy one dollar for 900 bolivars. The minimum wage in Venezuela is 9,000 bolivars a month. There are people who buy dollars, wait for them to go up, and sell. That’s the safest market Venezuela has. Because they’re always going to go up, and you’ll never lose your investment.”

Did you catch that? When they bet on the dollars to always go up, they mean in comparison to their local currency. They’re betting that their own country will continue to go to shit.

2 – The People In Charge Become Criminals

As we mentioned, Venezuela is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, which makes it difficult to do the whole “socialist paradise” thing.

Transparency International ranks countries based on corruption, and in 2015, Venezuela came in 158th out of 167, behind noted bastions of good governance like Syria and Myanmar.

Here’s one fun example: 90 percent of Venezuela suffers from a powdered milk shortage, because the government-run company responsible for distributing it to protein-starved children was caught illegally selling it to Colombia.

Not the typical white powder you associate with the South American black market.

Most of you are fortunate enough to live in a country where saying “the politicians are criminals” usually isn’t literal.We say a senator is corrupt because they take money from lobbyists and give contracts to companies run by their friends. That sucks, but at least they’re not outright selling crack on the streets. But if there’s not enough rule of law to keep tires from being stolen, then there sure as hell isn’t enough to make sure the president’s family isn’t running narcotics.

Thus, two nephews of the current president were caught trying to smuggle 800 freaking kilograms of cocaine into the US through Haiti. That wasn’t their personal hobby. The government and drug cartels aren’t merely in bed together; they’re experimenting with kinky new positions most people would never dream of. Two military officers were recently indicted for trafficking. The current head of the National Guard was charged with taking money to warn cartels about raids.Two high-ranking police officials were indicted for laundering drug money. We could go on for a while.

“We’ll ask this anti-drug official for comment as soon as we finish indicting him.”


So how does a government this corrupt and incompetent stay in power? Well …

1Scarcity Can Be A Weapon

Opposition to America and capitalism is a huge part of Venezuelan politics, partially because America makes a convenient scapegoat and partially because we did kinda try to overthrow or kill Hugo Chavez a few times.

Our bad. “One of [Chavez’s] biggest and earliest achievements was creating a national mindset in which the ‘People’ were poor, needy, and supporters of his ideals, and the rest were dissidents, traitors, or ‘Pitiyanqui.'”

That means “little Yankee,” and Chavez started using the term in 2008, when the economy began to weaken. The implication was if you’re a patriotic Venezuelan, these shortages won’t bother you because you don’t care about material possessions, man (at which point Chavez presumably took a huge bong hit). But that’s all part of how everything is politicized in Venezuela. The Venezuelan government uses scarcity to identify and shame “dissidents” — which in this context means anyone who wants a kitchen with snacks in it.

Chavez’s no-snack policy was a “Do as I say, not as I do” thing.

We interviewed our source in the middle of an election, and government propaganda claimed that the opposition was teaming up with the US to create the scarcity. In one TV ad, a humble poor woman is waiting for her free government house. She asks when it will be ready, only to be told that she now has to pay for it. Then she wakes up from her horrible nightmare and resolves to vote for the government before the opposition takes charge and dooms her. “If you vote for the opposition, you’re [told you’re] going to lose your houses, your privileges, that you won’t be able to buy [food staples]. It’s a very powerful message.”

But not quite powerful enough, as those elections have since happened and saw the opposition party make significant gains. The government didn’t sit back and accept defeat, though. Two days later, our source told us that toilet paper was mysteriously impossible to find again, even on the black market. Remember that when you vote for president, Americans. No matter how much you may hate one candidate, they’re not going to take away your TP out of spite.


The Business Media Is Sounding More Socialist Every Day

Nothing can cost so dearly as free stuff

Authored by Mark St.Cyr,

Here in the U.S. election season is in full swing, and it’s near impossible to find relief from the minute by minute relentless political ads, along with the ever-present media commentary. However, I never contemplated when I previously prayed, then begged for relief from the incessant pharmaceutical ads that bombarded me daily that my calls would be answered in the form of replacing them with ads of the political sort. Now I find myself again pleading or begging to return those intestinal discomfort or dysfunction et al ads. It truly gives credence to that old saying: “Be careful what you wish for!” Which is fitting to the topic of not only today’s politics, but business in general.

One of the newest (although it’s as old as time itself) idea dynamics to openly enter the U.S. political/business debate in my lifetime has undoubtedly been: Socialism.

What has baffled me is not only the rapid acceptance of the idea, rather, the call for it to be implemented here in the U.S. on a grand scale. We currently not only have politicians publicly advocating it, we also have many “business leaders” demanding varying forms of its implementation throughout sectors of the economy.

Whether or not one agrees with what is being called for, as well as, what has already been implemented, is up to you. Understanding the how, why, and where it leads based on prudent contemplation and where you’ll fit in as an entrepreneur, business leader, or solo-practitioner is quite another. For no matter what the political theme-of-the-day is currently being touted (i.e., Get the 1%! et al.) The people directly in those cross-hairs of “other people’s money” are going to be aimed squarely on the business communities balance sheets, as well as profits. Regardless if they have any. Remember that.

One of my personal favorite economic writers Thomas Sowell recently wrote an article where he describes, as well as, makes a poignant observation.

“Moreover, under any economic system, those costs are either going to be paid or there are not going to be any colleges. Money is just an artificial device for getting real things done.

Those young people who understand this, whether clearly or vaguely, are not likely to be deterred from wanting socialism. Because what they really want is for somebody else to pay for their decision to go to college.”

I would like to add my own two-cents to this observation that not only seems lost on just “”young people” but also, far too many people in general.

I am of the opinion there is currently no other more vivid, tangible, real life, in real-time example on the difference between a socialist view and outcome, as opposed to, a capitalism viewpoint and outcome, than the very place everyone is decrying “has to be fixed!” College tuition.

Under a socialist model your tuition will be both free – as well as worthless. Why? Because everyone will have a Ph.D. Just like you. So it had better be free because, they’ll be no employers willing to pay more for a candidate with one. It’s a race to the bottom. Think I’m wrong? Fair enough, ponder this…

Today there are easily more waiters and waitresses with higher degree levels than ever before. All these “higher degree” holders have pushed out the many lesser or non-degree’d holders that filled these jobs previously. Yet, it’s not that the wage scale of waiters and waitresses has gone up accordingly to attract these candidates. Quite the contrary – it’s that the job opportunities for these “higher degree” holders have dwindled. Welcome to a more “socialized” economy. “Would you like fries with that?”

Under the capitalistic model your tuition is supposed to cost, and if you want an education that prospective employers will pay extra for – you’re going to pay extra. Sometimes much more. The difference that once held here under this model was this: there would be a multitude of employers willing and able to warrant paying you enough salary not only to pay off that education, but also, to make a good living with the prospects of turning it into a great one. And that’s a race to the top.

The problem is we’ve gotten away from the “capitalist model” and have been going further, and further down the “socialist” model with ever greater speed over the past decade or more. Where today college students think the solution is to go even further, and ever faster in pursuit of the bottom. Why? Easy – this is what not only “young” people are being taught, but also, older people who should know better are reinforcing. And there was no greater example of this than what I heard on a recent “business/financial” show.

On Friday of this past week I was tuned into Bloomberg’s Surveillance™ radio program (a program for full disclosure I like) where, like many others, awaited the latest monthly “jobs” report. However, as mystifying as the latest report was (i.e., how these numbers are compiled) what left me stupefied was some of the banter back and forth by not only the hosts, but also, by one of the guests. In particular. e.g., Alan Krueger

Mr. Krueger, once part of the current administration for economic policy is now back at Princeton University. When the “jobs” number was announced his verbal dissertation into why this report validated the idea that “we are on the right path” was laughable to anyone with a modicum of business acumen. Let me give you an example.

An argument goes something like this: “We created 3 times as many jobs as were lost.” Fair enough, but here’s the dirty little secret. Every one of those jobs lost was a job that paid more than the 3 “new jobs” combined salaries. e.g., One $50K job in manufacturing was replaced with three $12-$15K menial jobs. Result?

You not only lost $5K or more in real taxable income. Without that $50K salaried person spending, I portend, there will soon be a need for one less of those the menial paying jobs as the impending economic backlash of loosing that $50K job catches up. And when it catches up fully and in earnest? You’ll be lucky if there’s any need for the other two.

So, does that seem like “on the right track” to you? It’s no wonder why “young people” aren’t realizing these inherent dangers when in actuality they are being taught or instructed by the Ivy League itself “this is a good!”

If one thinks about why this phenom is so, I’ll contend the reason is self evident: It’s not only in their best interest to do so. It’s also far easier to keep a “professor” employed than it is to be employed in a business. Let me illustrate…

Today, it is easier for an 18-year-old who has never held a job to acquire a loan they will never be able to discharge for not only tens of thousands rather, some for as much as hundreds of thousands of $Dollars. Again, all in the form of student loans for degrees which may not even be applicable to any future earning potential. Let alone the potential equivalent of simultaneously living above the poverty level as they might try. But it sure goes a long way in keeping the “Ive League” employed, doesn’t it?

All this is made possible by just filling out the requisite forms, and applying. i.e., Government guaranteed student loans.

Now, compare this to trying to get a business loan via the bank.

Let’s say you’re middle-aged with a great business track record. You’re prudent when it comes to spending. You pay your bills on time. And, you have worked with little to no breaks in your business career since high school. You can demonstrate in detail relevant examples, as well as, supply detailed plans on the how, and why, you can repay a loan. Whether it be for a new enterprise or, the expansion of one.

You know what you’re shown next? It’s called the door. And if you even suggest an SBA government backed loan? The paperwork and resources needed and spent just to apply only to once again be told “no” is even more ridiculous. And that’s if you’re only asking for let’s say $25K. But the 18-year-old who still needs “to find their calling” is almost guaranteed financing even if it’s into six figure territory. Whether repayment is truly ever possible to begin with.

As ludicrous as this sounds, just wait…it gets worse.

One would think business minded people would see the dangers inherent in this form of thinking from the get-go. However, it was during this same program I heard just how far not only the idea has creeped into the business discussion. Rather, just how much it is now being embraced and argued for in all areas of it.

As I iterated earlier it’s the political season. So with that said, I was floored when I heard one of the hosts retort a response to an assertion made by one of the candidates against the Affordable Care Act. (ACA) The response was (I’m paraphrasing)“He’s arguing as to abolish the ACA. Doesn’t he have any idea how many people are benefiting from it? My own kid just got a 2 year free ride!”

Yes, a “free ride” was the term used. I was mortified when I heard this retort for it showed in all too stunning detail just how far down this central bank quarried rabbit hole we’ve descended. After all – who’s going to pay for all this “free ride?” If you own a business or run one you know exactly “who” is. And the prices to be extracted and paid have yet to even kick-in fully. That begins in earnest next year. And what won’t be heard from the business community when it all comes into fruition is one word “affordable.” Trust me.

I am, like I said earlier, “mortified” as to just how far away we’ve moved from understanding what capitalism and entrepreneurship truly is. None of this would be taking place in its current amplitude and voracity if not for the largess made possible via the Fed’s funded placebo effects that are wearing off with greater speed as more and more notice it’s been no more than a “sugar high” to begin with.

Years ago I wrote a short explanation of how I viewed the socialist model. Although it’s an oversimplification I thought It fit the current discussion. For the more I hear people who I once held in much higher esteem, I think it’s time a few others take a breath and remember where all that “free ride” comes from. To wit:

One day a person decided to call their government because, if others were getting a handout, bailout, free stuff, _________(fill in the blank) why shouldn’t they ask and get something too! For as the thinking goes: If everyone else is getting something – why not them? After all it’s free, so why not.

They then called where the phone was answered by a very monotone voice who asked what was needed.

Once they made their request the voice then stated: “We need to check for funding please hold.”

As they waited on-hold they suddenly heard a vehicle screech to a halt in front of their neighbor’s home.

They stood shocked as they watched a number of government officials forcing their way into their neighbor’s home, then leaving with what appeared to be money.

The monotone voice then came back on the line and stated: “Funding for the request had been appropriated.”

The caller now stunned asked if what they just witnessed happen at their neighbor’s home had anything to do with their request. The voice replied: “Of course. The government doesn’t have money of its own. It all comes from other tax payers such as your neighbors. And by the way, you’re not the first to ask. We get this question a lot nowadays. Just relax for your request has been approved and appropriated.”

Feeling uncomfortable with what just happened they asked if their neighbor would know it was them. The voice replied: “That’s very unlikely. However, if you’re uncomfortable with us appropriating your funding with someone so close, we could get any additional funding you may need elsewhere, say from someone in another region of the country if that makes you feel more comfortable.”

Still nervous yet, feeling better as they wouldn’t know the person directly the caller said: “Oh yes please. That would be better!” The voice stated “We’ll make a note of that to your file.” and hung up the phone.

Some time had passed and the incident near forgotten when suddenly they heard a screech of tires outside their own garage. It appeared the very same people they seen go into their neighbor’s home were now forcing their way into this former caller’s garage.

When they demanded to be told what they were doing. They were informed they had come for one of their cars. All while stating this should be of little consequence for them since they had two. Someone, somewhere needed one so one of their two was chosen to fit that need.

This former caller yelled: “You can’t do this, I just bought that one!”

Undeterred the government officials confiscated the car and informed them they should be thankful they were able to help someone out other than themselves. For the car was going to a good cause where they supply free vehicles to the needy. All while being reminded they have two, while the other has none.

As this former caller stood slack-jawed the official handed them a notice of another program that was being offered in conjunction so that they may prepare and not be caught off guard if they returned. It read…

“Since so many people are requesting and in need of these items; there must truly be a need. So please make arrangements and be prepared to cover all the repairs, gas, or other expenses of this vehicle when needed. Please refrain from stating this will be a burden for it’s shown prima facie one would not have bought a second car to begin with if they couldn’t afford all the added expenses to begin with. On that basis one should consider themselves ‘a winner of life’s lottery’ with a willingness to share in those proceeds to those less fortunate. For only people who are in need would request something for free from the government. Take solace in the thought you could afford two – let alone one. While others have none. And as always remember – we’re here to help you.”

The former caller just hung their head only to now realize one of life’s great truths.

Nothing can cost so dearly as free stuff.


I find it very interesting that when liberals discuss the 2nd amendment concerning the “right to bear arms” they always talk about “hunting.”  As if hunting was the reason the founding fathers went to the trouble to stipulate bearing arms a RIGHT.

Not even close.  The right to bear arms is all about the citizenry having the ability to protect themselves against a tyrannical government overstep!

These TWO Pics Summarize The Media’s LIES Over Gun Control

The Media’s LIES Over Gun Control


One of the single dumbest arguments that gun-control advocates make is that by stopping gun sales, it will somehow reduce gun crime.

It’s nonsense, but they make the argument, usually wrapping it up with inane one-liners about how we have to do something.

The lastest in this long like of advocates is Bryn Mickle. He works for the Flint Journal as an editor.


Mickle wrote an article on that would probably get a passing grade in my son’s fourth-grade English class. That’s the good news.

He launches into his argument by asking where all the good guys with guns were when bad guys go on shooting sprees.

They’re nowhere to be found, he claims. There are more bad guys with guns than good guys with guns, he writes. So his argument is to keep more good guys from having guns by banning all gun sales. Make sense? Of course not. But that’s his argument and he’s sticking to it.

And this is how he makes his argument (Trigger warning: copious empty platitudes ahead):

Tell the NRA that gun sales are taking a hiatus until we get this problem solved and you better believe that the gun lobby will become part of the solution instead of a staunch advocate of the status quo.

America is a great country.

We put a man on the moon. Invented the Internet. And even created the cellphone.

Can anyone honestly say we can’t find a way to keep guns out of the wrong hands?

Enough is enough.

We need to stop wrapping ourselves in the Second Amendment and own up to the fact that our gun problem is getting worse and will only continue to get worse until we deal with it.

Ban gun sales until we get this right.

Of course, these kind of one-liners like “Enough is enough” carry all the intellectual weight of a rice cake.

Besides being wildly unconstitutional, banning legal gun sales is just about the least effective method of crime control. Only a small percentage of guns used in crimes were even bought legally. That includes gun shows, pawn shops and gun stores. The vast majority were stolen or bought off the street or from a friend. So banning gun sales would only keep law-abiding citizens from buying a gun.

When liberals run out of arguments, they resort to one-liners, emotional pleas and platitudes. We have to do something! Enough is enough! And their solution usually consists of disarming law-abiding citizens – the first line of defense against an armed criminal.But unwilling to listen to reason, they’ll keep spouting this nonsense, hoping they get enough brainless followers.

Speaking of followers, Mickle’s official title seems to be “Flint Journal News Leader.”

He’s a “leader.”

I worked in newsrooms for many years. They have “editors” and “producers” and titles like that. I’ve never heard of a “leader.” The title of “leader” bestows some ability or responsibility that goes beyond merely his job or duties. It says he has some moral authority to “lead” people – not because of what he does, but because of who he is.

This kind of elitist self-aggrandizement has no place in journalism or any workplace. People who describe themselves as “leaders” are grasping for followers.

Do not follow this man.

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