Guest Post: My 2 Cents of Sense: AMERICA’S FUTURE

;widows: 1;-webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px;word-spacing:0px’>There is no doubt that America is headed somewhere different from where it was only 30 years ago. Where that road ends is only a guess, but with current trends and close examination of facts, it doesn’t look good for the country, nor for its citizenry. Certainly, we are no longer a Republic, a nation with representative government of the people, by the people, and for the people. If anything, America has become a country ruled by an oligarchy, a government ruled by only a few individuals who have power and wealth, and some of those individuals aren’t even American by nationality.

For those who have not been paying attention, the world’s more powerful nations are uniting behind closed doors. You can consolidate the world in only two ways; either by force, which has been tried twice and failed both times, or by methodically and stealthy merging economies, trade, cultures, and laws into a single entity.

Forcing nations to become unified leads to resistance, and eventually war when the nation under siege refuses to comply. Most countries don’t want to be taken over to be ruled different than had been prior to their acquisition. Heritage is something most don’t want to surrender nor willingly part with, so they fight to retain it. War leaves death and destruction, which becomes problematic within itself, plus costly to those who plan on rebuilding once the war ends. Resources are generally scattered. That alone presents a feat of recuperation beyond the expense that the rich and powerful don’t wish to exert.

Though forcing nations to submit or subvert is quicker, fundamentally transforming a nation into compliance of their willing surrender becomes a long and painstaking process that takes generations to mold into participating advocates that can convince the citizenry that a merger is in everyones best interest. If the goal is to retain their resources, the transformation could become even more costly than a reconstruction, in the long run.

But the ends justifies the means, and when you talk about the riches of the world; in minerals, in labor force, in military might, and technological advancement, the expense takes the back seat, as the payback is returned a thousand fold.

I have discussed before how there are about a dozen "families" who believe they are descendants of "angels". Some believe possibly "aliens", but in either respect, those bloodlines have a lot of schizophrenic DNA running in it. Though it is hard to argue with the fact that these "families" have controlled much of the world’s wealth and resources for eons, their battles between each "family" had ended decades ago, as a pledge of universal unity has created the most powerful syndicate that has changed not only how nations govern, but how the world turns.

This is what is now openly called The New World Order. Before, they kept it pretty secret. In fact, those who once tried its exposure were either found dead, or wish they were dead. Many have broken ranks within this "syndicate" to expose the global plots, but were ridiculed so much that few bought into their outrageous rants. In fact, the anti-NWO campaign was so brilliantly orchestrated that people who wrote books, went on talk shows, and aired "conspiracy theory" arguments, were looked upon the same as a depleted man dressed in rags, standing on a street corner with a sign saying "The end is near!"

The sky hasn’t fallen, yet, but rejecting the facts that have been laid out about this global conspiracy has to be taken to account as having some reliable credibility, because far too many parallels are there to say otherwise. Those who reject the NWO theory are either dense or ignorant to the facts that there are powerful forces at play that have been mounting a coalition in global temperance of finance, trade, and governance to be used in uniting nations under a single "order" to bring about what my generation calls "the Age of Aquarius". One only has to look deeply into the United Nations, specifically Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, and also look into the whole "Climate Change" theory, to see that to be true.

The game of Chess is probably one of the older and more difficult games to master. Those who play it may be good, but against the Chess Masters of the world, they wouldn’t stand a prayer. To be a "Master" in Chess, one must know strategy and manipulation, as well as using their combination to win. Outsmarting someone inferior isn’t difficult, but outsmarting another "Master" takes one unconventional thinker, one who doesn’t think inside a box, as most people do. I have beaten computers many times because computers are programmed to spot ones offensive strategy movements and defensive layout, then isolate a weakness to exploit its vulnerability in order to advance an offense, get the opponent on defense, and eventually victory. To beat the computer, one must create an offensive illusion that the computer defends, then in the meantime, sneak around the side to break down the defensive weak side in order to advance through the line to capture the king.

War is pretty much played by using those same tactics, as well as business mergers and acquisitions, and also in acquisition of a country. By the time the opponent realizes what is actually going on, it is too late to defend against it, and only a matter of time until it all falls apart to make the game over.

For America, the game isn’t quite over as yet, but America is not far from the "falling apart" side of the match where defeat only becomes a matter of time. We have been distracted by the illusion, while our weak defenses have been overcome and penetrated. The very glue used that put together and make our nation, the very stitches in the fabric that has woven our unity, and the grease that made us function with superiority, all have been dissolved, removed, and made obsolete in the eye of younger generations.

As I was on the highway yesterday, listening to the David Webb Show on Sirius radio, a lady, who’s name I don’t remember at this time, was being interviewed. She had wrote a book called "It’s Your Children" based upon her study of public high school and state college student’s ability to function adequately in our modern society. She explained that one day she had noticed her kids talking about nonsense matters in homosexuality, climate change, Islam, and immigration. The children said that parents and older people don’t understand the truth, and that they are the cause for their own anxieties. "My kids were 7, 9, and 11… what do they know about ‘anxieties’? My God, they are just children and should be playing, not talking political world events!"

That got her worried, but also curious as to what they truly are teaching our kids in school these days. So she removed them from public education, home-schooled them, then set out on a quest to discover what was going on in our educational system. Her advice is to remove your children and grandchildren immediately from public schools if you live in a larger community, as the rural schools seem to still be spared, so far, from the ‘Common Core’ practices of federal education. She is afraid that will soon change, as education has moved from teaching the 3 R’s, to indoctrination of the 3 O’s…. Observation, Objection, and Obedience.

"Education has become social reorganization", she claims, "as our real history, civics, economics, math and science have been put to the side to be replaced by fiction and non-usable theory that will leave students worthless when they enter the real world that has become a cutthroat practice to even get a job. It is no wonder many still live in their parent’s basement and unable to find a job. They are not intelligent nor skilled enough to enter our job force, as foreigners are replacing the American worker by the hundreds of thousands every year."

Our children are our future, and if the trends hold firm, the American worker will be replaced by outsiders who are welcomed in by government and corporations that are better skilled, who will work for less pay and little to no benefits. Already, companies, such as Disney, have had their corporate personnel train foreigners who eventually replaced them after the training was completed. They are working for pennies on the dollar compared to their proctor, with threat of deportation if they complain, and the proctors severance revoked if they objected or refused.

Low skilled workers from foreign countries have already replaced many in today’s businesses. What used to be traditionally held by blacks and high school drop outs, now is found with predominantly Hispanics who will work longer days with less pay. Automation has also replaced many jobs once using skilled hands, as machines never take breaks, aren’t late, never call in sick, and never bitch.

The cries for $15/hr minimum wage have only hurt workers in industries that rely on lower wages in order to keep costs to a minimum. In California, fast food restaurants now have gone to automatic touch screen waitresses with only one server who now brings the food out to customers. Longer lines have also been formed now that there are less people to attend to customers, who’s numbers never drop.

America has also witnessed a demise in the small "family" business, as competing corporations keep costs below what smaller businesses can operate. In the corporate world, even though the name may be the same, the original owners have long sold out by taking the money offered, and run, leaving businesses in the hands of only several corporate giants, who can basically dictate policies in Washington. An example could be: a local dry-cleaning business is owned by a national cleaning company, that is owned by an international potato chip company, that is owned by an international soft drink company, that is owned by a major television network, that is owned by a film production corporation, that is owned by a national insurance agency, that is owned by a regional banking company, that is owned by a global banking corporation, that is owned by one of the global "families". So then, who actually has the clout to manipulate policies in Washington? They all do, because they al are related! Now do you see how it has worked in the political circles?

Each enterprise makes a profit, and, profits buys politicians, buys lobbyists, buys votes, and buys legislation in the end. Profit also buys back your own stock, thus propping up Wall Street and the corporate conglomeration where the buck stops at one of the "family’s" bank accounts. It has become a vicious circle, where our purchases have a royalty paid to some "family" somewhere along the line.

The monster feeds aggressively, as some say that we all would be living like 14th Century serfs if it wasn’t for these "families". They say these "families" are the reason why we live so much better than many in Third-World countries do today. But redistribution has its way of bettering the lives of people who have never had anything before. Europe and the United States has produced vast amounts of wealth over the past couple of centuries. We once were the kings of manufacturing, production, trade, financing, education, labor, military, and entertainment. Two-thirds of the world lived below poverty, and to the "family Masters", that leaves a huge gap in harvesting resources. You can easily trace how other nations that once were poor have now risen above moderate status, while Europe and the US have crumbled.

Most countries, and that includes America, usually never has a choice in picking their leaders, though the illusion makes it seem that they do. World leaders come from a stock of groomed "Manchurian Candidates" who only work for the "families". Usually, the leading contenders in a political race are between candidates who both answer to the ones who engineered their success. Most have been groomed from a long process. Obama has been the exception, as his indoctrination into the public eye came in 2004, with a presidency only four years later. The Clinton’s and Bush’s were developed with sophistication and finesse, then inserted. Obama was shoved down the people’s throat with the advent of the home computer, the Internet, and cell phones, all that made the world much, much smaller. The global agenda of the "families" had to be put on steroids, and Obama was the right guy at the right time to accomplish the transformation. Now all they need is someone like Clinton to seal the deal to finalize the move to switch from the old to the new format of order.

Everyone pretty much agrees that it was to be between Hillary and Jeb, either one would suit the "family’s" final task of globalization and the New World Order. They never expected for the people to wake up and rise up to defy the Powers That Be, both in Washington and the "families". They all thought that the people were "dumbed-down" enough to continue along the same path. All it took was one man to stir the coals, and stir them he did!

Donald Trump made his own life. He had virtually no help from the "families", as his resentment to them has been recorded many times throughout Trump’s successful career. Unlike what they did to Bill Gates, they couldn’t touch Trump, as he outsmarted them every step of the way. Thus, Trump is a very grave liability to them and their success in making America part of their globalist machinery. This is the reason for the grand push to demonize Trump as much as possible, as every mechanism in their arsenal is now being used to topple Trump’s momentum. So far, the people won’t listen to it, and most don’t care either way.

Donald Trump is opening the eyes of the people to the global machine that manipulates politics and governance… and the people are now pissed more than ever before. Many have now seen the globalist machine in motion, as they have lost jobs, lost income, lost ability, lost freedom, and lost hope. Trump brings hope, and a one-man stand against the Powers that have dominated things for decades. Though the machine does tilt the opposite way, many do believe that Trump can and will find a way to overcome it, and bring the pendulum back the other direction. That direction is true Americanism, and a reversal to the progressive-Leftist ideology that has destroyed this and many nations that have come under its fire.

Political correctness, global climate change, Islam, communism, socialism, and even globalism, are all tools being used to move America, and other nations, into a one-world order controlled by the "families". Open borders, fair trade, a move to stop CO2 emissions, gun removal, Common Core education, and a move to push the populous back into a controlled atmosphere, are all part of their strategy to equalize things. Instead of prosperity, they bring the world down because you cannot bring the world up. Take from the wealthy and redistribute to nations that have the most to give. Diamonds and Uranium in Africa; gold and silver in the East; oil and gas in the Mideast; copper, iron, and platinum in South America; and cheep labor in India, China, Indonesia, and Mexico… each region has resources, as each region must have the ability to harvest those resources, and America and Europe have the wealth to see it possible.

For these reasons alone, Hillary Clinton can never be POTUS. Though there are many who believe Donald Trump to be a globalist and part of the grand cabal, nothing could be further from his involvement with the Powers That Be. His war is with them, and so far, he is winning. Though hanging by his silk tie in a bathroom with a suicide note pinned to his $3500 suit is still a possibility, it becomes only a last resort to those Powers should Trump move closer to securing the presidency. I do believe they have a few tricks to use up their sleeve, but Hillary’s popularity is rapidly declining, and for them, Bernie Sanders is totally out of the question. I am more worried about Hillary’s running mate for VP than anything, as her VP pick will be a big-time globalist puppet, and someone who can rule with an iron fist to remove the last bastions of defiance that the people still cling. Hillary’s term, if elected, will be short lived.

Trump, on the other hand, will certainly pick the best he can assemble to place into position the appointments that will have the biggest impact upon the Powers to reverse their course. Trumps biggest threat is in exposure, because he knows and understands these people too well, and he will expose them and their agenda to the world should he have the pulpit to speak from. As a candidate, his hands are tied, as opening that can of worms now will only lead to more "conspiracy theory" rhetoric, and certainly not one of trust from a future president. Though he clearly has grabbed the can opener in some of his off-the-cuff speeches, the show will certainly draw a barrage of fireworks once he opens that can for the worms to crawl from. Now you can understand why they will not allow Trump into the Oval Chair come hell or high water. Donald Trump is the ultimate "Master" in this game of Chess.

But the future is still open, and America’s final chapter has yet been carved into stone. The crossroad we face is in opposite directions. If we elect Trump, we will revive this country and our place at the head of the table. If we elect Hillary, she (and her replacement) will take America’s future down that dark road into being servants to those who sit at the table. Our ability to defend ourselves will be removed, and our weak defense will be broken to allow the Chess game to end with our surrender to save the country from annihilation. Life as American will cease, and life as an Order will be placed. And if Obama should be placed at the head of the United Nations, as being predicted, then may God help us all!

Thank you for your support!

Written By: Jim Hovda




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